Solar Farm Sites

Attention Landowners

Be part of the clean energy revolution! Protect your business from drought and commodity price fluctuations by earning a side income from using your vacant or marginal land for farming solar energy and/or storing renewable energy using battery energy storage.

Renewable Age is seeking new sites for long-term lease around Australia for utility-scale solar PV (photovoltaic) and battery energy storage system (BESS) developments. You can start with as little as two hectares (five acres) of land. We are seeking clear, flat land with suitable soil geotechnical characteristics, that has close proximity to electrical distribution and/or transmission infrastructure. Landowners may contact us at the email address or call 0417 031 677 to arrange a no-obligation preliminary assessment.

The land characteristics we are looking for are:

  • Two or more hectares in area
  • Flat or gently sloping
  • Generally cleared
  • Free of rocks and rocky outcroppings
  • Close to electrical grid infrastructure
  • Zoned rural/farming or industrial (some other zones may also be suitable)
  • Not prone to flooding
  • Available for 20+ years
  • We can also arrange a land purchase option